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Why I’m (Mostly) Done with Book Signing Events

Ask any author who isn’t a household name and they will tell you the same thing: book signings are brutal. For a relatively unknown author,…

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PiperWai: A Love Story

About a year and a half ago I was browsing a local craft market here in Philadelphia and I stopped to check out a table…

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How To Use Social Media for Business – Or Social Media 101

Many of my readers might not realize that long before Spit That Out, I started my own eco-conscious public relations firm focused on sustainable brands.…

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Bloggers Beware: Industry Front Groups Are Lobbying For Your Endorsement

The good news: the chemical industries know mom bloggers have power. The bad news: they are fighting back hard. There are now dozens of industry front groups…

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Is Proctor & Gamble in a Toxic Bed with US Green Building Council?

This March, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at the Tri State Sustainability Symposium, an event produced by the Delaware Valley Green Building Council.…

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Glade Best Feelings Campaign – Asthma, Migraines, and More

You may have seen the latest campaign from Glade air fresheners – “inspired by the best feelings in the world.” Just follow their hashtag #bestfeelings…

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Register for Social Venture Institute for Triple Bottom Line Entrepreneurs

For more than 10 years, Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia has offered a unique opportunity for businesses to gain a competitive advantage while creating…

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Blogging and Promoting with Integrity: How I Make the Tough Choices

I recently received a pingback on an article about how socially-minded consumers can create a powerful message against disingenuous companies. The article refers to how…

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Marketing Campaigns that are Duping Consumers – and Messing with The Planet

The other day I was watching an episode of The Mindy Project on Fox. In one scene she and her boyfriend go to a drugstore…

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This Is Not a Mommy War – It’s a Fight Against Big Chemical

Wednesday night I was browsing my Twitter and noticed a hashtag coming up again and again: #TeflonWinterPrep. The purpose of a Twitter party is for…

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