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Five Thirty-Seven: An Imagined Alternate Reality

December 7, 2020 | 0 Comments

I’m not a fiction writer. But this is a story I always imagined – as a TV series, a book, a film. So, here is my own little take on the way the world might have been if those 537 votes in 2000 had been counted for the candidate who really won. Five Thirty Seven Today was the first day the three of us could all bike together to the elementary school. It’s always felt safe enough, with the protected bike lanes boxing us in from traffic. (Traffic isn’t really what it used to be anyway since the public transportation upgrades.) It was just that my younger child had finally felt confident enough on her wheels to do the seven-block trek with us. As I ride behind them, I notice how much lighter their backpacks are compared to when I...

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