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My Liberal Bubble Has Definitely Burst

August 6, 2022 | 0 Comments

When I was living in Philadelphia, I knew I lived in a liberal bubble. And I was more than fine with it. Some people say it’s important to be around people with “diverse opinions.” Believe me, our opinions were diverse. They differed on whether we liked the second-grade teacher, whether bike lanes should have barriers, and whether Beyonce was better than Lizzo. In all seriousness though, we weren’t robots. We had plenty of eye-opening conversations and debates about the death penalty, police reform, veganism, school choice – the understanding of nuance and being able to change my mind when presented with new information is something I pride myself on. However, I don’t believe I was missing out on any relevant perspective by not having neighbors who differed in opinion about whether trans people had the right to exist. I was...

"New mom and healthy living advocate Paige Wolf provides truths, tips and mom-to-mom advice on how to go green without going insane in this humorous must-read."

– Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

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