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How I Became an “Ice Woman” with the Wim Hoff Method

December 6, 2021 | 0 Comments

And if you saidJump in the riverI would becauseIt would probablyBe a good idea - Sinead O'Connor If you ever would have told me that a freezing cold shower would be the best part of my day, I'd have told you to go jump in a river (ooooh that sounds good to me now!) I mean, Why not plunge in a freezing lake? Truly, in the abyss of 2021, what do I have to lose? My mental and physical health have been in the toilet (COVID-anxiety, pet loss grief....) In recent months I had seen two separate friends posting on their social media about plunging in ice baths. And these were two friends I trusted to not be completely out of their minds (they are vaccinated and believe in science, but also aren't afraid to try outside the box non-Western...

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