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Windmill Lies, Anti-Trans Airplanes, and Other Fake Issues Fueling the NJ Elections

August 24, 2023 | 0 Comments

What I have to say about the state of politics in New Jersey today is too much for a series of Facebook rants, and, frankly, too much for this blog. So I'm just going to talk about two big ballot issues eating the brains of Jersey residents as we lead up to a critical election in which about 9% of the electorate will bother to vote. As always, Republicans remain in lockstep on made-up issues that affect no one but have the communications prowess to convince their base and beyond that these are the only things that matter: Windmills and trans youth. Yesterday I took in a morning run in Ocean City to enjoy the beach breeze and no less than 500 township-sanctioned signs convincing residents that BIG WINDMILL IS GOING TO RUIN YOUR LIFE. Here's the many things about...

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