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Everyone in Town is Going to Have Diarrhea in the Pool and I Don’t Care

May 29, 2023 | 0 Comments

When I wrote The Budget Activist (which Amazon gives 2.4 stars despite having only 5-star reviews why?) as a directive to make a fuss about injustice I wasn’t really talking about the lack of red meat at the town pool snack bar. I also didn’t take into account that every single person in 2023 would be rightly unhinged. At the Memorial Day Weekend town pool opening it was revealed that a local organic, vegan, gluten-free business would be running the snack bar. I knew two things for sure: 1. Everyone was going to have diarrhea in the pool from the probiotic soda (I stole that from my friend Trish who will likely be blogging same tonight and can sue me for plagiarism) and 2. It would be less than a week before an Op-Ed turned up in the local paper...

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