Snacking my Way Through Natural Products Expo East

One of my favorite yearly events is Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore. It’s a huge conference where thousands of new and existing natural brands come together to exhibit for potential buyers and media. Think never-ending rows of Gluten-Free-Non-GMO-Organic-Dairy-Free snacks and supplements and beauty products and more snacks. By the end of the day you don’t know whether to be amped up from superfoods or blissed out on herbal teas.

It’s an amazing opportunity for me in so many capacities. I get to:

1) Get a pulse on what is new and trending in the natural industry (looks like Quinoa, Aloe Water, and Gluten-Free Everything)

2) Connect with potential brands who may need public relations

3) Connect with media to talk about my current clients

4) Connect with brands who may be a good fit for my blog

5) Connect with other authors/bloggers/movers/shakers in the green arena. This trip I got to finally meet in person online friends and colleagues like Corey Lipson Colwell of Celebrate Green, Kimberly Pinkson of EcoMom Alliance, Diane MacEachern of Big Green Purse, and Andrea Giberovitch-Donsky of Naturally Savvy. I also got to meet up with friends like Nancy Massotto, founder of Holistic Moms Network and Maxine Wolf, publisher of Kiwi Magazine. Put women like us in the same space for just an hour and the ideas start flying!

I was able to connect with so many cool and innovative brands that I’ll be blogging about in the coming weeks.

For another take on this year’s Expo trends including hits and misses check out this conference review from our friends at Beauty is Wellness.


Expo Swag – Beer Not Included

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