PiperWai: A Love Story

About a year and a half ago I was browsing a local craft market here in Philadelphia and I stopped to check out a table with natural deodorant. With the help of my husband, I had just recently completed a review of half a dozen deodorants. I thought I had pretty much tried them all.

But the scent was so bright and crisp, and I was intrigued by the grey cream texture. I was also impressed that two recent college graduates had such a polished product presentation, complete with glass bottles and a professional logo. Most beauty brands selling at these types of fairs are still sticking printer labels to plastic containers.

After chatting with them for a bit, I took a sample and tried it the next day. I was amazed. This stuff worked well that whole summer day and I felt minty and clean! And using charcoal was so innovative – I simply had to work with them.

I emailed them to rave about their product and tell them how my public relations firm specialized in natural beauty brands. I really wanted them on my roster but they were brand new with a baby budget to match.

A couple months later I convinced them to present at Healthy Brand Showcase, a healthy products media expo in New York I co-produce twice each year. They were immediately on board and in September 2014 they rocked the showcase, scoring placements with YouBeauty, Yahoo Beauty, Organic Spa, and more.

With founders Jess and Sarah at Healthy Brand Showcase 

For the next year we worked together off and on in various time increments as they slowly built the brand. We scored rave reviews from SELF, Refinery29, First for Women, Well and Good, StyleBistro, Bridal Guide, Philadelphia Magazine, and dozens of bloggers, vloggers, and even celebrities!

When it was time for an image revamp, the industrious ladies launched an Indegogo campaign, something I was skeptical about in the age where everyone and everything is crowdfunding. Nonetheless I was pleased to support their efforts with PR and they surpassed their fundraising goal!

Jess and I at the Philadelphia Magazine "Best of Philly" party
Jess and I at the Philadelphia Magazine “Best of Philly” party

With a new logo, new manufacturer, and new Web site launch, we were ready to grow exponentially. Bigger and better retailers were calling. Then it was New Beauty, NBC, Food & Wine, Women’s Running, Into The Gloss — once I got the product under the right arms, hands were raising everywhere.

And then the BIG TIME called: ABC’s “Shark Tank” – one of the highest rated shows on television. It was every brand and publicist’s dream, but something no PR team could make happen on their own. It had to be the right entrepreneurs with the right product at the right time. And their time is now.

PiperWai will pitch the “Shark Tank” investors, Friday, December 11 at 9 p.m. EST. Tune in to see what happens next…


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