Occupy Wall Street: Support a Better Way to Do Business with B Corporations

At the 2011 B Corporation Retreat last week in Philadelphia, I had the opportuity to network with some of the 500 businesses who are leading the triple bottom line economy of people, planet, and profit.  Meeting rigorous social and environmental standards, B Corps create greater economic opportunity, strengthen local communities, and preserve the environment.

The Occupy Movement resonates with B Corporations, as we are creating a new sector of the economy to redefine success in business. B Corporations believe in capitalism with purpose, not just profit, at its center.

B Lab has  released the following statement to share with our communities. It’s exciting to see the growth and momentum of B Corporations at a time when a new way of doing business is needed most:

The Occupy Wall Street movement expresses the anger and frustration of tens of millions of Americans over what many perceive as an unjust and unsustainable economic system. It is a powerful demand for something new: an economy that works for all of us.

Business is the most powerful force on the planet and can be a positive instrument for change. However, business as usual isn’t working. As entrepreneurs and investors in a new type of corporation – the B Corporation — we represent one promising path to a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

B Corporations create value for all its stakeholders – our customers, our workers, our communities, the environment, and, yes, our shareholders too. We think it’s simply a better way to do business.

The Occupy Wall Street movement signals intense and widespread dissatisfaction with the status quo. B Corporations offer an alternative.

As consumers, we can all choose B Corps when buying products for our offices and homes. You can search the full directory of nearly 500 B Corporations here.

If you’re a business leader, please consider joining this movement and sharing the message with your colleagues and friends.

Together, we can redefine success in business.

With gratitude to all who are working for a better way to do business,

Paige Wolf Media & Public Relations and The B Corp Community

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