Sign Petition to Get Cancer-Linked Chemicals out of Tide Free & Gentle

I’ve called out Proctor and Gamble in the past for being quite possibly the world’s biggest greenwashers.

So it doesn’t surprise me that their new Tide Free & Gentle®, marketed to mothers, was reported as containing high levels of the cancer-causing chemical 1,4-dioxane in the detergent. Oh, and 1,4-dioxane doesn’t appear on the product label or on the product website, so consumers have no way of knowing it’s even there.

Procter & Gamble already has experience stripping this chemical out of its products; in 2010, the company reformulated its Herbal Essences® shampoo to eliminate 1,4-dioxane. Unfortunately, Dirty Secrets test results show that the company has not chosen to make the same effort for its laundry detergent.

Fortunately, my friends at Groovy Green LivinWomen’s Voices for the Earth, MomsRising and Healthy Child Healthy World have out together a petition asking P&G to strip this harmful cancer-causing chemical out of Tide Free & Gentle.

I must also mention that today Twitter suggested a new friend for me to follow: @ecofriends: A place to trade ideas on how to make the world cleaner for tomorrow. Sponsored by Tide.

This page hasn’t even been updated since 2007, but I guess Twitter heard me mention Tide somewhere and thought I might be a fan.

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