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Giveaway: Goddess Garden Aromatherapy Bracelet

I love essential oils. I have written about them many times but have been clear – I do not believe they can cure cancer or…

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Giveaway: Let’s Give Nasty Chemicals the Bird this Summer

I recently spent 8 days on a cruise ship where one could avoid the confined smoking areas, but could not bypass the clouds of foul-smelling aerosol sunscreen.…

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GIVEAWAY: Winter Might Not Feel Sunny – But Goddess Garden Should Still Have You Covered

I’ve been a fan of Goddess Garden from the beginning, from using their fantastic organic sunscreen on my family to convincing my childrens’ pre-school to…

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Giveaway: Why ZeroWater Is The Best Bet for Safer Drinking Water

Six months ago I bought an Aquasana undersink drinking water filtration system for $150. I paid another $150 for a handyman to drill a whole…

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Giveaway: NutriBullet University Nutribullet Pro Package

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of watching The Kids Menu, a film highlighting amazing kid-focused nutritional programs in action. It’s so inspiring watching…

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Giveaway: Win $100 Shopping Spree with NOW Foods

I’m excited to announce my new ambassadorship with NOW Foods, a brand I have been shopping for years as a natural part of my evolving…

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Giveaway: New Stonyfield YoBaby, YoToddler and YoKids Pouches

My nine-month-old daughter is a mess. I struggle with whether it is greener to feed her with a bowl and spoon –  using umpteen wipes…

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Giveaway: Happy Baby Baby or Toddler Prize Package

I try to make my own homemade food for my children. But at least half the time, I turn to the good folks who make…

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3Girls Holistic Hair Gone Soothe On Giveaway

I know many frequent shavers, waxers, and tweezers hooked on a pricey soothing solution with an ingredient list that reads like an advanced chemistry textbook.…

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Unacceptable Levels DVD Giveaway

Until recently, consumers haven’t questioned long-term health effects of our massive untested chemical exposure, but that is changing. Globally, disease rates are on the rise.…

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