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I love essential oils. I have written about them many times but have been clear – I do not believe they can cure cancer or be a replacement for all conventional medications, but used as part of an integrative medicine practice they can be incredibly healing.

I use energy blends as a pick me up when I am down, calming blends when I am stressed, and immunity blends when I am sick. I enjoy them inhaled from a diffuser or rubbed directly on my skin as dilutions.

But a great way to have them on-the-go is through aromatherapy jewelry and I love my new Goddess Garden aromatherapy bracelet because it allows me to carry that calm (or perk) with me all day.

The bracelet is beaded with porous lava rocks, which allow the oils pool in the crevasses. As you move, the lava rocks on the bracelets gradually release the scent, allowing you to enjoy on-the-go-aromatherapy, anywhere. While each bracelet helps with a different intention, lava rocks are grounding and balancing, enhancing the properties of both oils and other stones. This makes them a universal medium for all the bracelets.

The essential oil Bracelet Blends are made specifically for use with the bracelets. They’re blended with a tiny bit of jojoba to encapsulate the essential oil and fix the scent. These blends have a much higher concentration of essential oils than other blends because they are not designed to wear directly on the skin. This allows for a stronger scent and more effective aromatherapy. Five blends and three bracelets create 186 ways to affect your mood!

OK, so really, how does scent affect your mood?

The olfactory nerve cells are the cells that are responsible for your sense of smell. The part of the brain that processes messages produced by these cells is also responsible for mood and memory. It’s little wonder the brain often connects the two while multitasking, and closely ties scent with memory and mood. That’s how scent—and especially scent from essential oils—can trigger memories and alter your outlook!

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Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Goddess Garden. Regardless, my opinions are honest. See my full disclosure here. 

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