GIVEAWAY: Winter Might Not Feel Sunny – But Goddess Garden Should Still Have You Covered

I’ve been a fan of Goddess Garden from the beginning, from using their fantastic organic sunscreen on my family to convincing my childrens’ pre-school to make the switch from Coppertone! So it was only natural that I became a fan of their Sun Repair System, including daily SPF Face the Day Sunscreen & Firming Primer and more!

While I know the dangers of too much sun exposure, I am an admitted sun worshipper. Winter makes me SAD and depletes me of Vitamin D. But eve on winter days, most sun damage occurs from cumulative, non-deliberate exposure: walking the dog, errands at lunch, even your daily commute! The average American spends 100 hours per year driving to and from work. That’s the equivalent of 60 hours of UVA exposure, just from going to work!

Only sunburn risk is reduced in the winter. Aging, damaging rays are strong year ‘round!

The burning UVB rays are strongest in the summer and from 10am-2pm. Aging, damaging UVA rays stay constant all day. They can even go through clouds and glass! In the northern hemisphere, UVA rays are also stronger in the winter than in the summer.

90% of the visible signs of skin aging are caused by the sun, and you don’t have to get a sunburn to suffer sun damage. We’ve already made the association with sun spots—it’s right in the name to make it easy for us—but wrinkles are what typically have people reaching for retinol. And wrinkles come from daily exposure to the sun that adds up over time.

The good news is there are natural solutions, and you don’t have to resort to retinol—or all its awful side effects—to see results! In fact, 100% of Goddess Gardens’ test subjects saw a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles after using Face the Day Sunscreen & Firming Primer and Under the Sun Pre-Sunscreen Serum daily for 90 days.

Some skincare products can do more harm than good.

Some products that temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles “plump” the skin by triggering an inflammatory response. With sunburns or damaged skin cells, this response eliminates the risk of cells becoming cancerous and triggers the healing process. With healthy skin, inducing inflammation though skincare products can simply lead to more damage.

Goddess Garden offers safer products to help reduce these signs of aging without chemicals that could do you more harm than good! And you can win them!

Giveaway! One Lucky Reader Will WIN Goddess Garden Face the Day Sunscreen & Firming Primer and Under the Sun Pre-Sunscreen Serum!


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Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Goddess Garden. Regardless, my opinions are honest. See my full disclosure here. 

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