Giveaway: Why ZeroWater Is The Best Bet for Safer Drinking Water

Six months ago I bought an Aquasana undersink drinking water filtration system for $150. I paid another $150 for a handyman to drill a whole in my granite countertop and install the system. I finally felt like I could breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that lead and other contaminants were being filtered out of my drinking water.

And then this:


The Environmental Working Group reports that dangerous levels of chromium-6 contaminate tap water consumed by millions of Americans. Scientists and regulators debate over what should be considered a safe level. By the stricter standard, the Environmental Working Group found the tap water of 218 million Americans has dangerous levels of chromium-6. But even by the more lenient standard, the group found the tap water of 7 million Americans has dangerous levels of chromium-6.

Here is an interactive map to see if there is a dangerous level of Chromium6 in your water (spoiler alert – there probably is).

The news is alarming, to say the least. But I’m protected by my fancy filtration system, right?

Wrong. I only bought the second best filtration system from Aquasana. And the only one that filters Chromium would cost me another $200 plus all new filters and installation.

Seriously? I need a Plan B!

That’s when I found ZeroWater,  the ONLY pour through device NSF certified for the reduction of lead and chromium-6. ZeroWater removes 99.6% of the total number of detectable dissolved solids (TDS) which can include lead and chromium as well as other contaminants found in water. And a ZeroWater 10-cup pitcher is $30 on Amazon.

Dig that stainless steel one
Dig that stainless steel one

ZeroWater delivers high performance water filtration to consumers through its patented 5-stage ion exchange filter, which removes virtually all total dissolved solids (TDS). By removing virtually all TDS, ZeroWater is the only gravity-fed filtration system to match the TDS levels found in Purified Bottled Water. Average Chromium-6 reduction for ZeroWater’s 5-stage filter was 99.7% based on pH levels of both 6.5 and 8.5 when starting at a level of 15 ppb down to an average of .04 ppb vs. the EPA levels of 100 ppb (total Chromium) and the CA standard of 10 ppb.

In addition, Good Housekeeping Research Institute findings reveal that ZeroWater filters remove more pharmaceuticals and chemicals than Brita and PUR.

So let’s see how this TDS meter works:

(L-R) Tap Water; Aquasana 3-Stage Filter; ZeroWater Pitcher

My unfiltered tap water reads at 228 TDS. And I’m annoyed to see that the Aquasana 3-stage under-counter filtration system I have invested in only takes that down to 213. After using the simple ZeroWater pitcher it reads 001.

To be fair, I tested a bottle of tap water from a company that uses reverse osmosis technology (not all do), and that read 003. However, even if you purchase the purest bottled water, you will still be spending loads more money and creating far more waste than using this pitcher.

The filter should be replaced after going through approximately 30 gallons or whenever the TDS meter reads 006. I drink a lot of water, so my family easily goes through one gallon (16 cups) each day. At that rate we would need a new filter every month. A two-pack of replacement filters is under $30 on Amazon. So that is less than $15 per month. Far less than you would spend on even the cheapest bottled water.

A Philly-based company that gives back, ZeroWater has been providing immediate solutions for clean water to the students of Flint Community Schools and re-allocation of ZeroWater filtration products to Flint from around the country. The company continues to work with United Way and key retailer partners to ensure availability of ZeroWater filters to remove lead from the area’s drinking water. To date, they have donated almost $300,000 to the community of Flint through the Filters for Flint program.


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Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with ZeroWater. Regardless, my opinions are honest. See my full disclosure here.

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