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CrossFit Festivus Games 2014 Wrap Up

Back in March I wrote about why I signed up to do the Crossfit Festivus Games as an Intermediate (i.e. the highest level you can…

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Why I’m Doing Festivus Games As An “Intermediate”

I literally failed gym class. One semester in Junior High School I actually got an “F” for failure to participate. I pretended to be too…

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What I’ve Learned About Crossfit + Pregnancy

At 28 weeks pregnant most women are fantasizing about their babies and eagerly anticipating motherhood. I, on the other hand, am fantasizing about box jumps…

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Go Green Get Fit Challenge: Challenge Completed

When I first attempted kicking into a handstand I decidedly stated that this would never even be a “goal.” However, now that I have gotten…

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Go Green Get Fit Challenge: Can Trading Low Fat Frozen Yogurt for CrossFit Lower Your Cholesterol?

A couple months ago I wrote about how I enjoy a “real food diet” and try not to deprive myself too much. I also talked…

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Go Green Get Fit Challenge: Feats of Strength and Airing of Grievances

Back in May I did my first CrossFit competition. It was a friendly in-house competition but I shocked myself by having the stamina and strength…

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Holding Out for a Hero: First Fallen Soldier Workout

As I’ve mentioned before, CrossFit includes dozens of benchmark workouts (or WODS) designed to track your progress in weights, time, and intensity. Some of these…

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Go Green Get Fit Challenge Update #2: Bigger Boxes and Lighter Bands

It’s been a couple weeks of working toward my new CrossFit goals. There’s been a few ups and downs but I seem to be generally…

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Go Green Get Fit Update #1: First RX Workout

The Go Green Get Fit Challenge presented by Planet Shoes and the EcoMom Alliance officially starts today and I already have an update on my…

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Cross Fit Update: Finished First Competition and Starting Go Green Get Fit Challenge

I’m about seven months into my Cross Fit “challenge” and it has become a major part of my lifestyle. Yes, I drank the Kool-Aid and…

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