Go Green Get Fit Challenge: Can Trading Low Fat Frozen Yogurt for CrossFit Lower Your Cholesterol?

A couple months ago I wrote about how I enjoy a “real food diet” and try not to deprive myself too much. I also talked about how my heavy fitness regimen of CrossFit allows me to eat what I love without too much guilt. And I proposed that my high cholesterol and blood sugar could actually benefit from my lifestyle.

I’m thrilled to report that I was right.

In fact, my doctor was blown away by my bloodwork and asked me what I was doing to improve my results so drastically.

In one year, my cholesterol went down 32 points. My HDL (the good stuff) went up and my LDL (the bad stuff) went way down. My blood sugar looked precariously high last year but a more thorough test this year proved that it was completely normal – in which case I can not say 100% that it is in fact lower, but I do know it is normal now.

But look at the cholesterol and take into account that I have only lost one pound. My body is transformed, but it is the muscle mass that keeps my weight pretty steady. I went from a size 10/12 to an easy 8. Even a 6 on a good day. And it is all through exercise.

When my doctor proposed last year that I exercise more and I was insulted. I power walked on a treadmill 3 times a week and thought I was a fitness champion. Little did I know!

Everyone is different and has a different set of health circumstances. But in my case I can confidently say that CrossFit has lowered my cholesterol. I have not changed my diet in the past year apart from possibly eating a bit more and allowing myself full fat butter. I have not changed any medications or other lifestyle habits. I simply work out 1000% harder than I ever have.

Yes, CrossFit is expensive. But it is nothing compared to the price – both financially and physically – of healthcare.

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