Go Green Get Fit Challenge: Challenge Completed

When I first attempted kicking into a handstand I decidedly stated that this would never even be a “goal.” However, now that I have gotten a bit more practice I realize it is, in fact, possible. It just might take some time, effort, and patience. But I am at the point where I can kick the wall without having a panic attack and collapsing.

I can credit the Go Green Get Fit Challenge with pushing me further than I might have gone. It was a wonderful experience to share fitness and health strides with a wonderful group of fellow bloggers and everyone else who followed along.

When I started this challenge in June my original goals were:

1) Always use 14 lb wall ball – CHECK – apart from when we did “Karen,” which is a WOD where you do 150 wall balls for time. The 8-pound ball was non-negotiable.

2) Consecutive double unders – Can usually go double/single/double/single for a small handful on a good day. However, I still have bad days where I get so tripped up I can barely eek out one. It’s a work in progress.

3) Move up to a 20 inch box for jumps – CHECK – apart from today when I got the “yips.” But let’s pretend that never happened.

4) Improve banded pull-ups by at least two levels (5 rep max went from Red + Purple to Blue – for an explanation see here). I also achieved a one rep max on pull-ups with purple (chin-up style) and a one rep max on ring dips with the least band assistance (yellow).

5) Move up to A-frame push ups as scaling for handstand push ups? I actually haven’t had the chance to try these yet as they haven’t been in any of my workouts this summer.

What else have I done since the challenge started? Personal Records on presses, deadlifts, and more; competed in two CrossFit competitions and did not come in dead last; ran a 5K obstacle mud run; switched to a much better running shoe; and learned that I lowered my cholesterol.

I have no idea what my weight was before or after this challenge, but I do know that for the first time in my life I am much closer to 140 than 150 lbs. – and I also know that actual weight is relatively insignificant when you are building muscle. However, a couple years back I did made a personal bucket list with one of the goals being to weigh under 145 pounds without losing a limb, so I can safely check that off and move on to the next item: have another baby. In which case, all of this hard work may temporarily go to hell and I will plump up like the Goodyear Blimp.

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