Go Green Get Fit Challenge Update #2: Bigger Boxes and Lighter Bands

It’s been a couple weeks of working toward my new CrossFit goals. There’s been a few ups and downs but I seem to be generally moving in the right direction. One thing that really bothered me is finding out that I did not technically do a workout as prescribed. The trainer that day said the goal for women’s wall balls was the gray area between the 8 and 10 foot mark. However, I later learned that he was WRONG and that at my gym, the Rx for women’s wall balls is the 10 foot mark. Which I never hit with the 14 lb. ball. Not once. So that sucks.

That said, I did technically do the WOD as this trainer prescribed, so that’s something.

On the plus side, I am making some progress with boxes and bands. I did my first workout with the 20 inch boxes and it was scary but empowering. I ended up doing a total of 40 jumps in the workout, but I did not have my whole foot on the box for most – which isn’t just incorrect, it’s dangerous. I also slipped off twice which could potentially be very bad. But my plan is just to go slow and take my time – I would rather get less reps or a slower time using a bigger box.

As for the banded pull ups, I had the opportunity to work up to a one-rep-max which I was pleased to find was red. I was even more pleased to learn that chin-ups count as pull-ups at my gym, and I just about pulled off a chin up using a purple band! (See band explanation here)

I also got a fancy new jump rope to practice my double unders, which has given me the ability to go single-double-single-double which is definitely progress!

In other news, I bit the bullet and signed up for a Mud Run. It’s a 5K obstacle course, which wholely appeals to me – apart from the whole mud thing. At least the mud is toward the end. It’s not that I am adverse to getting dirty – I’m just pretty sure this mud is teeming with influenza. Also, it means I have to ruin a pair of running shoes, and since I am a clutterphobe, I have not held on to any old pairs. So I had to buy a used pair on Ebay for $25. (Add to the $66 cost of the registration and this is adding up to be some pricey mud.)

Stay tuned for more fitness-related updates from me and my fellow green bloggers with the  Go Green Get Fit Challenge presented by Planet Shoes and the EcoMom Alliance

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