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An Earth Day Lesson and Craft for Elementary School

Every year I try to visit my children’s classes to do a quick Earth Day lesson and craft activity. This year, I had the opportunity…

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Plastic Bags: How to Do Better When They Aren’t Taxed or Banned

Philadelphia has tried to both ban and tax plastic bags in the past, only to be beaten by the plastic bag industry. So in cities like mine, we are…

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Buy (Almost) Nothing Birthday Party – Peter Rabbit and Mr. McGregor’s Garden

I started writing this post pre-illness. And during my hospital stay, I had one goal: not cancel my daughter’s third birthday party. I already worked…

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Make Money, Do Social Good, and Avoid Landfills: How to Do the Most Good Discarding Unwanted Items

Did you read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? Did it lead you to throw away every item in your house or was the only thing…

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Finance Your Life Through #Unshopping with Yerdle

I talk a lot about the sharing economy and all the fun, interactive ways to be a part of it. One of my favorite things…

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Join the Buy Nothing Project to Freely Give and Receive

Have you heard of the Buy Nothing Project? A collection of independent Facebook groups popping up across the country, this project sets itself apart from Craigslist and…

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Annedroids Inspiration for National Recycling Week

“One persons junk is another person’s potential engineering solution!” I adore 11-year-old scientist Anne on Amazon’s TV series Annedroids. Where most people see junk, Anne…

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Lessons in Sustainability: When Your “Green” Changes are Less Than Eco-Friendly

Sustainability, green living, healthy choices, safer products – it’s all a learning curve – and a curve with “curve balls” at that. Just when you…

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New Years Resolutions from Green Bloggers and Activists

I asked a few of my favorite green bloggers and activists to give me one New Year’s Resolution. Even the best greenies among us know…

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Community Recycling Kids and New Foundations Charter School Clean Out Their Closets for a Cause

Parents of students at New Foundations Charter School have a new incentive to get kids cleaning out their rooms and their closets. Community Recycling’s CR…

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