Community Recycling Kids and New Foundations Charter School Clean Out Their Closets for a Cause

Parents of students at New Foundations Charter School have a new incentive to get kids cleaning out their rooms and their closets. Community Recycling’s CR Kids clothing-recycling program offers fundraising, rewards, and the possibilities of connecting to students in countries around the world where clothes are being sent.

This CR Kids program is designed specifically for K-5. Instead of holding a school clothing drive, Community Recycling has developed fully integrated educational activities to support reuse, engage, teach, and entertain, allowing kids to learn about diverse cultures around the globe where their clothes will go. This environmental service project promotes sustainability, geography, social studies, language, and art and includes a global mapping project that adds depth to the act of collection for reuse. The more clothes, bags, belts and shoes collected and packed into the PODS container, the more funds and rewards schools can earn. Classrooms here in the US can connect with classrooms around the globe, rethinking ‘local’ by literally bringing communities closer via Community Recycling’s collaboration with Skype In the Classroom.

Kids in the PODS

Clothing, shoes, and accessories are being accepted every school day between now and December 19. Fundraising using resources already at hand certainly beats selling Twix and Starburst for the marching band!

Learn more about this innovative program and how your school can get involved at

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