Make Money, Do Social Good, and Avoid Landfills: How to Do the Most Good Discarding Unwanted Items

Did you read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? Did it lead you to throw away every item in your house or was the only thing you threw away the book?

It was a lovely sentiment, especially for someone who loathes clutter and takes pleasure in moving unwanted items to new homes. But what Marie Kondo was missing was the next step – what do you do with all that unwanted stuff? Can you make money with it? Do social good? Upcycle it? Give it to a neighbor?


For all you declutterers out there, I have created a flow chart to help you figure out exactly what to do with the items you no longer need or want.

Learn more about the options included like Yerdle, Poshmark, and the Buy Nothing Project.

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