New Years Resolutions from Green Bloggers and Activists

I asked a few of my favorite green bloggers and activists to give me one New Year’s Resolution. Even the best greenies among us know we can always do better, and we are resolving to make a few new simple changes to start the new year off right!

I’ll start.

I have a terrible addiction to the Keurig Coffee Maker. And it does have its green virtues: no washing out large coffee pots after every brew. But I know that the KCups are awful for the environment, made of non-recyclable plastic and foil. And even I won’t deal with the mess of dumping out the grounds for compost. So I am resolving to make better use of my refillable K-Cup. I am going to stock up on bulk coffee and bulk organic green tea for the K-Cup and see how it goes!


Diane Emery Hoffmaster of Turning the Clock Back aims to explore more ethnic recipes to help reduce her meat consumption. She talks more about her healthy food goals here.

Lindsay Dahl of Safer Chemicals Safer Families aims to simply cook more food in general to cut down on styrofoam and plastic packaging.

Deanna West Piercy of The Well Groomed Hippie plans to get back to composting  — consistently.

Lori Popkewitz Alper of Groovy Green Livin is going to stop the excuses (too far, too inconvenient) and sign up for her favorite CSA again. I’m so happy that mine now has the option to continue year-round and I am currently enjoying roasting every root vegetable known to man with olive oil and salt – I promise it even makes turnips taste delicious!

Leigh Ann of Green 4 U says she has neglected her vegetable garden since having children but is excited to replant this year and make it a fun, family affair!

Brenna Burke of Almost All The Truth is taking on quite a challenge by resolving to consider the entire environmental and social impact of the things she buys from cradle-to-grave — without losing her mind over it. Quite a task but can certainly be made easier by shopping certified B Corporations and shops where they do the research for you like Spirit Beauty Lounge, Abe’s Market, and Mighty Nest.

Rachel Sarnoff of Mommy Greenest has created an entire campaign with her Shop Drop Challenge. She is challenging her friends and followers to stop buying any new clothing or accessories for the month of January 2014 – something I can totally get behind considering I almost exclusively shop secondhand anyway!

Jen Eyers-McLaughlin of Jen and Joey Go Green doesn’t do New Year’s Resolutions. Instead she continues to work on her bucket list of 101 things she wants to do in 1001 days. Still on the list are baking her own bread, making her own wine, and hooking up her rain barrel.

What are your green resolutions for 2014?

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