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Easy Apple Cranberry Crisp Recipe with a Healthy Topping Twist

Greek yogurt is better than ice cream. OK, nothing is better than chocolate Haagen Dazs, but Stonyfield Organic Vanilla Greek Yogurt and Cafe Latte Greek Yogurt are…

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Bare(ly) Homesteading: How to Make Anything Taste Delicious

I’ve seen plenty of those “What to do with your farmshare vegetables” posts. But as simple as they’d like it to sound, most recipes for…

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New Years Resolutions from Green Bloggers and Activists

I asked a few of my favorite green bloggers and activists to give me one New Year’s Resolution. Even the best greenies among us know…

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Bare(ly) Homesteading with a Vitamix

I am not a Vitamix blogger. No one has ever offered me a free fancy blender and I am not sure anyone ever will. But…

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Bare(ly) Homesteading: Quick Cook Pickles

When my CSA gave us “pickling cucumbers” last week I figured they’d end up in the compost. What did I know about pickling? I imagined…

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Bare(ly) Homesteading: Easy Chicken Stock

We know that it’s cheaper to buy a whole organic chicken than to buy it in parts. I still don’t personally have a use for…

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Trying to Hang with the Philadelphia Food Swappers

While my homesteading skills are admittedly amateur, I have been deeply enticed by the idea of a Food Swap. Some Philadelphia foodies recently began a…

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Bare(ly) Homesteading: No More Little Oatmeal Packets

Once upon a time I ate little packets of Oatmeal for breakfast. (Actually, once upon a time I ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast, but…

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Bare(ly) Homesteading: How to Make Breadcrumbs

Here is another easy one for the “Urban Homesteading for Dummies” series. Leftover bread? Devastating to throw away, especially when you’ve put all that effort…

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Bare(ly) Homesteading: How to Make Oven Dried Tomatoes

Another addition to what I’d like to start calling my “Homesteading for Dummies” series that currently includes “Even You Can Make Jam” and “Anyone Can…

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