Bare(ly) Homesteading with a Vitamix

I am not a Vitamix blogger. No one has ever offered me a free fancy blender and I am not sure anyone ever will. But I am blogging about my love affair with this amazing kitchen tool anyway and filing it under “Bare(ly) Homesteading – with the use of very modern technology.”

Every season a variety of vegetables from my CSA lead me to juice to avoid wasting them. No one in my family will eat kale, collard, chard, or other un-salad-worthy green leaves unless they are juiced with plenty of apples to hide the taste. But I ended up using so many apples and creating so much leftover pulp from the juicer it seemed even more wasteful!

Then I learned about this glorious high-powered blender that would pulverize whole fruits and veggies leaving nothing behind. It makes ice cream in 30 seconds! It makes soup in four minutes! It’s the greatest infomercial ever!

I had to have one  but they are pretty pricey. So I asked my parents to buy us one for our 10th wedding anniversary. Perfect timing.


Here are just a few of the things I’ve made accompanied by photos that do not do them justice.



The most obvious use. Blending everything from kale to beets to chard. Using plenty of apples and bananas. Hint: Kids will usually drink green juice as long as you serve it with a straw. And we have been trying to kick the plastic straw habit by using these awesome reusable glass drinking straws from Strawsome.

Ice Cream


I am obsessed with making 30-second ice cream every night. All you need is frozen fruit (you can either buy frozen or freeze your own), milk (we use almond), a bit of sugar and a few ice cubes. Do not overblend and be sure to really work that tamper. We have used lots of frozen bananas, chocolate chips, and even peanut butter.



We have a bumper crop of basil so we’ve been doing lots of pesto. My friend Jackie had the idea to throw in cream cheese which adds calories but makes an awesome spread!

Amazon has a decent deal for a new Vitamix model and free shipping at $439. This is the lowest price I’ve seen for the $599 model I have and totally worth saving up for. What is your favorite Vitamix recipe?

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