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All The Eco-Love from Shiftcon 2019 in Atlanta

ShiftCon eco-wellness influencer conference focuses on the food, wellness, health, and sustainability industries.

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What Happened at Moms Clean Air Force Play-In For Climate Change

Our train in from Philadelphia was 90 minutes late, so we had to rush across Senate Park with suitcases and kids in tow to make…

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7 Ways to Save the EPA (Or Save the World Without It)

I know. The news is grim. And sometimes I want to curl up into a ball too. In fact, sometimes I do. But here is…

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Tuesdays with Toomey: A Growing Grassroots Movement

Some people choose to lock the doors to wait out a storm. Little do they know that storm will only grow in strength, duration, and…

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Stonyfield Pays It Forward to my Charity of Choice: Earthjustice

After an election season that left many people concerned about the effects of politics on causes they are passionate about, millions of people united to…

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Open Letter to the Party of Teddy Roosevelt Re: Scott Pruitt

NOTE: This post was originally concerning the possible appointment of Myron Ebell. I got to simply do a find/replace with Scott Pruitt. Who is maybe…

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In Trump’s America, I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight

I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight. I stole those words from Margaret Cho, but I think she would be OK with that in this…

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Join Clean Air Moms Action to VOTE for Our Children’s Health

Everyone can agree that this is an election season like no other. And with both the fight for the highest office and contentious down ballot…

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10 Reasons Third Party Presidential Voters are Wrong

I have spent countless hours debating on Facebook, Twitter, and in real life with former democrats who staunchly refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton. Some…

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Thanks to Climate Change, I Hate Winter Even More

Warning: First World Problems Ahead – Read at Your Own Discretion I once read a quote that read something like, “‘Tis better to relish the…

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