All The Eco-Love from Shiftcon 2019 in Atlanta

At one point over these three days in Atlanta I posted on social media “Shiftcon is my medicine.”

Now, don’t get me wrong – my chronic illness is physical and all the inspiration and motivation in the world won’t make me “better.” But being around so many inspiring people can give an endorphin rush that pushes us to want to fight that much harder. And that’s what Shiftcon does for me.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been part of an online group called “Women Eco Warriors,” which includes some of the most inspiring writers, bloggers, authors, activists, filmmakers, and brand-builders in the “eco-wellness” space. These are the women making true change on a local and national level. And in 2014, one of the members of our group, Leah Segedie, founded ShiftCon Social Media Conference. This year it was taken over by a new CEO Ari Adams, with a seamless transition and some serious Southern hospitality.

The eco-wellness influencer conference focuses on the food, wellness, health, and sustainability industries. Shifters are part of an online influencer community that seek healthier and more sustainable lives, promote brands that mirror their values, and help causes that speak to their soul. The conference includes three days of professional workshops, wellness topics and ways to increase revenue without compromising values.

This year I was nominated for an award that I probably didn’t deserve.
So as much as I wanted a trophy, I was happy to just be nominated for realz!

This year I was thrilled to host a panel on my favorite subject, the title of my new book: “Being a Budget Activist: How to Make Change with Limited Time and Resources” The panel addressed how can we make meaningful change without millions to spend and unlimited time. I chatted with Leah Segedie and Carissa Bonham, along with some awesome audience members, about examples of individuals and small groups who started successful letter campaigns, petitions, and even smaller and simpler acts that made a difference.

Amy Ziff is the founder of MADE SAFE, and one of the
powerhouses in personal care ingredient transparency
Marci Zaroff has founded more eco-chic sustainable clothing and home brands than I can name. So, of course, I made her give me this super soft towel from her new Farm to Home brand which is super accessible with spots on QVC!

And then there’s the networking, the goodies, and the FUN!

Two of my smoothie gurus (among other inspiring things)!
Carissa Bonham and Madeline Blom
I love dinners where I’m meeting most of the people for the first time! Jacy Topps is a rad Atlanta writer friend I invited along, and Chea-Aria Trotter is my new BFF
I had to pay to check my bag so TSA wouldn’t take away my coconut oil.
We got plain silly by the end of this night.

The bad news for me is that next year ShiftCon is back on the West Coast so I probably won’t make the trip. But the rad news is that Natural Products Expo East is going to be in PHILLY the week before – so lots of these amazing people and brands will be coming five blocks from my house! ???? I’m turning my basement into eco-party-zone 2020 – see you in September!

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