Stonyfield Pays It Forward to my Charity of Choice: Earthjustice


After an election season that left many people concerned about the effects of politics on causes they are passionate about, millions of people united to do one thing abundantly meaningful: GIVE.

For me, environmental justice is my number one priority. Because without access to clean air, water, and food, we simply can not survive.

So when Stonyfield was generous enough to offer $50 to donate to the nonprofit of my choice, my immediate instinct was to help defend the defenseless – our environment. Because, more than ever, the earth needs a good lawyer.

That’s the mission of Earthjustice, the premier nonprofit environmental law organization. Earthjustice wields the power of law and the strength of partnership to preserve the wild, to fight for healthy communities, and to advance clean energy to promote a healthy climate.

Today’s environmental challenges are greater than ever. And Earthjustice has been the legal backbone for thousands of organizations, large and small. In fact, behind nearly every major environmental win, you’ll find Earthjustice, leveraging their expertise and commitment to fight for justice and advance the promise of a healthy world for all.

With so many environmental charities to choose from, it’s important to make sure your donations go to a highly effective organization that will use your money wisely. Earthjustice is committed to sound fiscal management, accountability, and transparency—a commitment that consistently wins us top marks from the nation’s chief watchdogs for charitable organizations.

With more than a hundred attorneys in offices across the country, Earthjustice fights for a future where children can breathe clean air, no matter where they live; where products in our homes are free of toxic chemicals; and where all communities are safer, healthier places to live and work. Earthjustice’s legal victories strengthen the rise of clean energy, laying the groundwork for the systemic change we must see. At stake is nothing less than our children’s—and our planet’s—future.

Learn more about Earthjustice and some of their legal victories here.


Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield. Regardless, my opinions are honest. See my full disclosure here. 

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