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How to Not Spend a Fortune on Children’s Birthday Party Presents

I have two children – two different ages, two different schools, two different little groups of friends. That equals a LOT of birthday parties. Sometimes…

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Promises Forever: New Philly Destination for Personalized Heirloom Gifts

I still have the personalized, hand-painted bench with my name on it that was bought for me when I was born. I can’t say the same…

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Mama May i: Local, Sustainable Toys For Learning Through Play

It’s no news that I love a local, sustainable company – especially one that creates better products for parents and children. Inspired by Waldorf and Montessori…

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Sustainable Summer Swaps on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta

If you didn’t catch my segment on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta – or you did and want to know where to find the products –…

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Sustainable Holiday Gifts: Plan Toys Review

As a green-minded parent it is so hard to find toys we can feel good about buying. I can literally count the brands I like…

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Giveaway: Eco Kids Art Supplies and Maggies Naturals Food Dyes

I don’t usually bake with food coloring – but, then again, I don’t really bake much apart from bread. I have, however, tried to use…

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Just Add Flour and Water: Free, Green, and Easy Kids Activities

Forget the trips to Toys R Us. As long as they are toddlers you can find plenty to do with junk around the house and…

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Mummers, Lend Me Your Mardi Gras Beads – But Leave The Plastic Lead-Painted Swords

One of my favorite things about Philadelphia is the Mummers Parade. For over 100 years, generations of families and friends have produced elaborate displays of…

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What the Heck is That: Can You Identify These Educational Images?

It’s hard to teach your kids how to identify objects when you have no idea what they are yourself. My husband and I have been…

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Giveaway: New Life for Cardboard Boxes from Box Play Kids

If you have a child under 3, you know the most exciting part of the gift is often the cardboard box it comes in. Box…

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