The Battle of the Toilet Paper Rolls

Enough toilet paper tubes are tossed each year to fill the Empire State Building twice.

That’s according to marketing from Scott Naturals New Tube-Free Bath Tissues. It’s a very innovative move by a major paper goods corporation and could create real meaningful environmental impact.

However, Scott Naturals are still only 40% recycled content – versus brands like Seventh Generation which boast 100% recycled paper with a minimum 50% post consumer recycled.

I’d venture to guess that Scott has placed some sort of patent on the roll-free product, as any clever marketplace competitor would do. So where does that leave shoppers who want to do the best for the environment – should we buy the tube free Scott (currently only available at Walmart and Sam’s Club by the way), or continue to support ultra sustainable brands that originated the recycled paper movement and are consistent across their product lines?

It’s a tricky one – consumer support of major corporate brands’ green innovations help push the tipping point toward growing sustainability. But should we shift our loyalty from B Corporations like Seventh Generation who create meaningful social change and have fully transparent environmental values?

I have no idea.

But in the meantime, I think I’ll stick Whole Foods and use the toilet paper rolls to create musical instruments for my toddler, as recently showcased on NBC by my client Queen Village Art Center.

Enjoy my holiday-themed creations below:

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