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Back to The Roots Water Garden Aquaponics Review

As soon as I saw the Back to The Roots Water Garden at my friend’s house I knew I had to have it. This fish…

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Tending an Urban Tree – And Keeping it Alive with Some Help from Davey

In the late 1700s, a wealthy landowner and botanist imported a ginkgo biloba from China to plant at his palatial West Philly estate. They grew in…

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New Years Resolutions from Green Bloggers and Activists

I asked a few of my favorite green bloggers and activists to give me one New Year’s Resolution. Even the best greenies among us know…

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Rats in the Garden: The Latest Critter Invasion

Isn’t it ironic that with all we do to protect nature, it’s nature’s creatures who come bite us in the ass? We want to be…

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2nd Annual Philly Farm & Food Fest

As a wanna-be food-swapping, gardening, bread-making homesteader, nothing excites me more than a chance to check out a farm fresh mecca right in the heart…

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My Compost Bin Was Invaded: Can We Make This Work Again?

You know how despite having a failure garden and being very lax recently on actually cooking, I like to fancy myself an urban homesteader. And…

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My Garden is a Failure

It’s the time of year when all my friends are posting photos of their beautiful garden bounties, showing off their homegrown tomatoes and wondering what…

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Non-Toxic Pesticides: How to Kill Slugs Naturally

Help! My beautiful garden is infested with slimy slugs! When we first saw them we thought they were just goofy, harmless little creatures. But then…

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How to Make Your Own DIY Tomato Cage

I like to think I’m crafty, but I have more of a creative brain than nimble fingers. I can’t cut in a straight line and…

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And All the Fruits Again Would Fill the Garden

I’m ridiculously proud of my new little garden. Since last year when we knocked down the big creepy fountain installed by my home’s previous owner,…

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