And All the Fruits Again Would Fill the Garden

I’m ridiculously proud of my new little garden. Since last year when we knocked down the big creepy fountain installed by my home’s previous owner, we now have a little plot of backyard space where we can actually grow things. And this is the first season we can fully take advantage of it.

One of the coolest parts of having a garden is that now we can actually use the compost we’ve collected. It’s so amazing to see how the compost has broken down into soil and we can be an active part in increasing the lifecycle of our waste, rather than throwing it into the landfill. It offers a very cool science lesson for Sam plus all these nutrients give our starter plants a super boost!

I don’t have very high hopes for the seeds we planted, and feel much more optimistic about the starter plants. I’m pretty confident we can keep basil and dill alive, but growing tomatoes from seed in a less than sunny area might be a bit ambitious.

I’m also super proud of myself for coming up with some clever upcycled garden markers. I knew all those plastic name badges from networking events would come in handy some day!

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