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Windmill Lies, Anti-Trans Airplanes, and Other Fake Issues Fueling the NJ Elections

What I have to say about the state of politics in New Jersey today is too much for a series of Facebook rants, and, frankly,…

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Speak Out About Philadelphia’s Plans for a Fracking-Fueled Economy

Corporate interests in Philadelphia have announced big plans to build more natural gas pipelines in Philadelphia. Some want to use this clearly hazardous system to position…

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Don’t Let One Dim Bulb Spoil The Whole Energy-Saving Bunch

It’s such a shame when good green intentions leave consumers frustrated with the results. Have you been hearing from people in your community that energy…

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It’s Giving Tuesday: Donate to Crowdfunding Campaign for Philadelphia Solar Schools Initiative

The Philadelphia Solar Schools Initiative (PSSI) has launched a crowdfunding campaign for its innovative program that connects sustainable energy, education, and economic development in Philadelphia. This joint program between Solar States…

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ConnecTable: The New Sustainable Solar Charging Solution for Open Spaces

More data, more problems. That’s what we all feel like every time an iPhone update leaves us with an even shorter battery life. It doesn’t…

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