ConnecTable: The New Sustainable Solar Charging Solution for Open Spaces

More data, more problems. That’s what we all feel like every time an iPhone update leaves us with an even shorter battery life. It doesn’t help that we can’t fully experience anything without Facebook, Twiiter, Pinterest, Instagram, and of course the specialized applications for wherever we may be visiting. What good are all those clever apps and devices when your battery dies in the middle of a college campus, office complex, mall, or theme park?

I’m not going to wax poetic about the sociological implications. I’m a tech lover and happily remain on the bandwagon – except when my battery is dead. Which is pretty much anytime I am not connected to a power outlet for more than two hours.

Fortunately, an innovative Philly-based company is launching ConnecTableTM Solar Charging Stations. Popping up soon to a campus, park, or open space near you, these robust power stations are available in café, picnic, and deck table forms.


These fully engineered solar power charging and backup power systems are designed to accommodate a range of table design aesthetics, surface materials, and site design objectives. Ideal for universities, city parks, outdoor malls, sports complexes, mixed-use developments, and theme parks, multiple tables can be combined to form a micro grid and a backup power source during extended power outages. Learn more about these green innovators online.


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