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On the “Toxic City Sick School” Series: Don’t Despair – Take Action

I’ve been chronicling my battle with the Philadelphia School District, fighting for safer, healthier, cleaner schools. Though I shouldn’t say “my battle,” as I share this battle with…

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How To Get New Water Fountains for Your Public School

So how did I get two brand new state-of-the-art water filtration systems installed at my underfunded Philadelphia public school? Well, the answer is much more…

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Two Days in the Windy City: My Take on Chicago

Rather than explore new cities with appreciation, I have a tendency to be comparative and envious, always looking at a place’s perks through gritty, Philly-colored…

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Not Exactly Broken Windows: Local Landscaper Fined for Her Own Garden

And when I spoke about The Broken Windows Theory, this was not what I had in mind… Landscape Designer Margie Ruddick Fined for Her Own…

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Philly is Moving Up the Top Ten List for Green Cities

Cool news that Philly is moving up the list of greener cities according to’s latest Top 10 Report. Sure, we have a long way…

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Sign up for Philadelphia Recycling Rewards

Did you know that by recycling in Philadelphia you can get rewarded for recycling and reducing trash? And not just in karma points! All you…

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Hey City Council – This One’s For You

Sometimes I think I would make a good politician. But then I remember three things. 1)     I lost my 6th grade class presidential election with…

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America’s Most Toxic City?

We can eat organic grapes, buy wooden toys, and wash our hair with natural shampoo. But what can you possibly do when your home is named America’s Most…

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By Carrot or By Stick, Philadelphia Needs to Step Up Commercial Recycling Enforcement

If you know me, you know I am a huge fan of Philadelphia. I’ve seen great steps toward sustainability in the past couple of years,…

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