Philly is Moving Up the Top Ten List for Green Cities

Cool news that Philly is moving up the list of greener cities according to’s latest Top 10 Report. Sure, we have a long way to go, but we have to recognize some of the very cool ways Philly has been showing off its ec0-saviness in the national media.

Because so many of our green roofs are atop tall buildings, a green roof was installed at easy visibiity level on top a bus shelter in the middle of the city! Very cool guerilla marketing from the city’s water department.

We’ve got the city’s first pourous street to divery sewer overflow into rivers. This pourous asphalt street should be the first in a larger series of roadway installation.

And you can’t miss our Mural Arts Program-decorated recycling trucks and Big Belly Solar Recycling Bins! I love walking Sam to school in the morning past the dinosaurs and other “Litter Critters.”

Say what you will about this city, at least we know how to make green more fun!



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