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Spit That Out is Available for Pre-Order!

Spit that Out!: The Overly Informed Parent’s Guide to Raising Healthy Kids in the Age of Environmental Guilt is LIVE on Amazon and available for pre-sale!…

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“Is It Safe to Play Yet?” Article in the New York Times

So did ya’ll see this article in the NY Times? This article breaks down the rising fear and measures taken by parents to protect their…

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Psychology Today Blogger Posts on Pre-Maternal Green Guilt

I stumbled upon a great blog on Psychology Today about pre-maternal green guilt: “The problem is, once you know it’s out there, you start to…

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Is it Possible to Create a “Baby Safe World?” A Post On Easing Eco-Anxiety

Last month Philadelphia had the highest amount of rainfall in recorded history. That same month, the ground literally shook beneath our feet. It was the…

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The Huffington Post’s Take on Spit That Out and Green Guilt

This week’s “Eco-Etiquette” column on The Huffington Post talks about my book and the issue of “Green Guilt” as a whole. The column sparked some…

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