“Is It Safe to Play Yet?” Article in the New York Times

So did ya’ll see this article in the NY Times? This article breaks down the rising fear and measures taken by parents to protect their children from environmental hazards – pretty much the whole topic of my book! I only wish I had known the writer was working on this story so I could have added my two cents. 🙂

On the plus side, the article does site some of my favored resources such as Healthy Child Healthy World, the book Slow Death by Rubber Duck,  and my friend Penelope’s film Toxic Baby.

But the best part about the article is its call to action, advising parents to petition congress and companies to create stricter regulations, taking the onus off of the parents to be rocket scientists and consumer advocates. However, the call to action is vague, offering only concrete resources for learning more about the dangers versus ways to advocate for change.

In many ways, the article just begs more questions. But at least it offers a few different perspectives and let’s parents know that they aren’t the only ones dealing with these issues.

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