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All The Eco-Love from Shiftcon 2019 in Atlanta

ShiftCon eco-wellness influencer conference focuses on the food, wellness, health, and sustainability industries.

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A Free Vacation? It Was Possible with HomeExchange

As an avid participant in the sharing economy, I am always looking for more sustainable and affordable ways to access resources. So when a friend…

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Sustainable Atlanta Rolls Out the Green Carpet

When I wrote last month about “Book Signing Burnout” I mentioned there was one exception to the rule: Atlanta. That’s because my genius PR friend Amanda…

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Top 10 Reasons I Hated Disney World

When seeking a vacation, I typically look for some variation of the following things: The opportunity to have at least some time apart from my children…

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2016 Bucket List Update: A Beast, a Bowl, and Bratislava

Last year I made updates to my life “Bucket List,” which had been in progress for about five years. One year later I am thrilled to…

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How NOT to Hike Glen Onoko Falls

I have a really bad habit of screwing up what are supposed to be great “life adventure experiences.” I spent Woodstock ’99 in a makeshift medical…

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Geocaching with Children: Fun Scavenger Hunts for the Whole Family

An overgrown kid at heart, I love a good scavenger hunt. It’s why my husband and I like to sign up for local scavenger hunt…

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Tips for Staying Green, Healthy, and Economical on a Cruise

I’ll admit it – when I am vacation I tend to turn off everything including my “green alarm.” I don’t always participate in the towel…

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Two Days in the Windy City: My Take on Chicago

Rather than explore new cities with appreciation, I have a tendency to be comparative and envious, always looking at a place’s perks through gritty, Philly-colored…

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The Good, the Bad, and the Amish: A Trip to a Farm B&B

I lived out one of the items on my bucket list this weekend – taking Sam for an overnight stay at an Amish farmhouse. For…

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