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All The Eco-Love from Shiftcon 2019 in Atlanta

ShiftCon eco-wellness influencer conference focuses on the food, wellness, health, and sustainability industries.

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Why I’m Proud to be a Keyboard Warrior

First off, let me be clear. There are two main “urban dictionary” definitions of “Keyboard Warrior,” and I am not referring to myself as “a…

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The Budget Activist: How to Use Social Media for Good

After digging my fork into a few Styrofoam containers during lunches in Harrisburg, Pa., I took to my blog to express my dismay that the…

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Where Have I Been?

If you follow my blog or social media, you may have noticed that the past few months have been relatively quiet. Where have I been?…

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Why I’m (Mostly) Done with Book Signing Events

Ask any author who isn’t a household name and they will tell you the same thing: book signings are brutal. For a relatively unknown author,…

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The Internet is Ugly – But I’m Not Going Anywhere

I love the Internet. And I love social media. All of my work is essentially rooted in communications, and it’s amazing to share thoughts and…

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My Bucket List – A Five Year Check-In

Back in January 2010, I decided to create a personal “Bucket List.” The goals had no expiration date – apart from death, of course. But…

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Don’t Muddle the Movement: How Can the Real Food Movement Speak with One Clear Voice?

Being part of a movement is empowering and inspiring. Nothing fuels one’s passion and purpose like being surrounded by likeminded people – whether in person…

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What I Learned at ShiftCon

What does it take for me to leave my two young children, buy an airline ticket, and fly cross-country by myself for four days? Well,…

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Bloggers Beware: Industry Front Groups Are Lobbying For Your Endorsement

The good news: the chemical industries know mom bloggers have power. The bad news: they are fighting back hard. There are now dozens of industry front groups…

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