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Easy New Year’s Clutter Clearing + Recycling For Good

As part of New Year’s resolutions, many of you are probably thinking about clearing out clutter, being greener, and doing more good for your community.…

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Green Party Favors on NBC 10

From my post a few weeks back on eco-friendly party favor options, here is the segment from NBC Philadelphia’s “10 Show” today. Do you have…

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It’s My Party and I’ll Give What I Want To – Eco Party Favor Ideas

As a not-so-perfect green mom, I try not to be critical of other people’s choices. In fact, part of my imperfection is a bit of a…

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Crazy Crayons Give New Life to Old Crayons

Remember that segment on Sesame Street where they go to the Crayola factory? As kids we watched with wonder as millions of shiny new crayons…

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