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How I Became a Zionist

This is a post about normalizing changing your opinion when presented with new information: something that I did at age 43 (I am now 44!)…

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The Bar is in Hell: Can You Crawl Above Antisemitism?

For six weeks I had been desperate for people to speak up. About the largest massacre on Jewish lives since the Holocaust, about the 240…

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Everyone in Town is Going to Have Diarrhea in the Pool and I Don’t Care

When I wrote The Budget Activist (which Amazon gives 2.4 stars despite having only 5-star reviews why?) as a directive to make a fuss about…

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“Yikes” and Other Things Not to Say to Someone in Crisis

Over the past two weeks, two separate women I’m not super close with have tagged me in posts about their current life struggles and mentioned…

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Grief, and the Loss of my First and Only Pet

I’ve never felt safe in my own body. This can be true for a human for a variety of reasons. In my case, it is…

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On Forgiveness and Grace This Yom Kippur

As a Jew, I have always embraced the process of T’shuvah on Yom Kippur. I don’t fast. I don’t go to synagogue. But I do reflect,…

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I’m 42 and Everything’s Embarrassing

I’m 42 today – too old to listen to Sky Ferriera too young to be waiting for results from a rheumatologist. But here we are.…

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Spit That Out: 10 Years Later

I began writing the first edition of my book Spit That Out: The Overly Informed Parents’ Guide to Raising Healthy Children in the Age of…

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Why I’m Proud to be a Keyboard Warrior

First off, let me be clear. There are two main “urban dictionary” definitions of “Keyboard Warrior,” and I am not referring to myself as “a…

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Hell Froze Over: I Found Common Ground with a Vowed Adversary

Last Thursday I listened to a conference keynote speech by Olympic gold medalist and LGBT activist Abby Wambach in which she implored the audience to stop “unfriending”…

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