Lil Mixins Makes Allergen Introduction Simple and Affordable

When I was pregnant, just a few short years ago, the accepted knowledge was to avoid peanuts at all cost throughout pregnancy and infancy. I remember being panicked after eating a Snickers. But, since then, new research upended decades of allergy prevention advice.

The LEAP study (sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health) found that consistent exposure to allergenic foods beginning at four months of age could drastically reduce the risk of developing allergies.

Soon after Meenal Lele’s first child was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, she became aware of this new study. But as she struggled to prepare allergens three times a week for her second child, she realized how hard it was to mix nuts and eggs into baby food without exposing her older child or contaminating the blender.

With a background in medical research and chemical engineering, Lele worked with food scientists to develop a solution – a USDA organic peanut powder significantly less expensive than similar products on the market. She created Lil Mixins, a scientifically proven and cost-effective way to safely introduce babies to potential allergens.

Using the best quality organic ingredients and no additives, Lil Mixins is specially prepared to blend smoothly into breastmilk, formula, or baby foods. An affordable way to help reduce the risk of developing a dangerous food allergy, each jar lasts from infancy until the introduction of whole foods.

Early introduction of peanut and egg has been shown to reduce the risk of those allergies. The American Academy of Pediatrics currently recommends that all children should be given peanuts “freely,” and children with mild to severe eczema should be introduced to peanuts early.

The company has plans to introduce tree nut and egg powders to the line, which is currently available on Amazon. Learn more at


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