Sun Worshipper? You Can Still Reverse The Damage

As much as we may tout our healthy living ideals, we all have our vices. Mine: I am an unabashed sun worshipper. I understand the risks of too much time in the sun and that they are certainly not something to be taken lightly. But I am a glutton for Vitamin D and soak up the rays any chance I get.

That said, I am a fanatic about sunscreen, trying to make sure I do the most minimal damage while enjoying the benefits of the rays. And, of course, I don’t hesitate to see a dermatologist right away about any suspicious spots (and neither should you!)

But what if you forget to apply or reapply sunscreen? The good news is that it’s never too late. You can help repair the damage with an easy nighttime routine including non-toxic, natural products like Goddess Garden’s sun repair systems.

The sun causes 90% of all visible skin aging, but the majority of the damage doesn’t come from sunburns. Unlike a burn that is caused by UVB rays, damage from UVA rays won’t show up until years later. That’s because these sneaky rays go deeper into the skin. There, they mutate the skin’s DNA and scramble the structural matrix. If you were to lay a thin slice of cheese on top of scrambled eggs, it might hold its shape for a while, but eventually, the cheese will start to take on the shape of the scrambled eggs below. This is what happens to the surface of your skin! UVA is just as strong all day and all year long. They can also get through clouds and glass, making a broad-spectrum UVB/UVA sunscreen a must, year-round. 

That said, the end of summer is the perfect time to take a look at your sun repair routine. The sun, coupled with chlorine, saltwater, pollution, and dirt can hinder your skin’s ability to renew itself, so erasing all traces of the day is a great first step. The next step is to provide intense hydration, replenish necessary nutrients and support collagen production to boost the skin’s ability to heal itself. Goddess Garden’s evening skincare products, complete with a French green clay cleanser, hydrating serum and brightening night cream, do all of that—naturally.

Replenish your skin this fall with soothing ingredients like firming chicory root, natural alpha hydroxy acids, and healing mango butter that give back everything the sun and summer depleted.

So enjoy the sun as safely as you can! But remember to repair when you can’t prevent!

Bring on the rays!


Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Goddess Garden. Regardless, my opinions are honest. See my full disclosure here. 

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