Buy Almost Nothing Moana Birthday Party

If you follow me, you know about me and my Pinatas! Once a year (because my son is getting too old for this) I like to challenge myself to see how far I can go (Moana reference for the people in the back) with my “Buy Almost Nothing” birthday parties. This year, my four-year-old (and I) are super into Moana so I started preparations early.

A call to my local Buy Nothing Group for a Moana party yielded me 60 teal paper plates, four leis, a bear made from a coconut shell, and a zillion seashells. Best of all were the free party favors – more than 30 beach sandals originally used as wedding placeholders but now repurposed into whatever a bunch of four-year-olds want them to be!

Using Kiwis for the “Hearts of Te Fiti” required only a good peeler and a knife.

I happened to see these lavender ice cubes on Pinterest the night before and had a bunch of lavender in my garden. These took me about 10 seconds to make and I really enjoyed them – though nobody else seemed to pay them much attention or actually know what they were. I paired them with pineapple water for a refreshing mocktail.

All of this decor was from the Buy Nothing Group or found around my house. Apart from the pineapple. I splurged on those.

I also found this craft on Pinterest. You can find a case of 500 popsicle sticks for $7.40 on Amazon and a pack of felt for $4.14. I found them for about half that on sale at A.C. Moore so I spent about $8 total on this activity. And we have a really lot of popsicle sticks left.

I did not make this cake. But it was homemade by one of my daughter’s teachers who is starting a cake-making business on the side. It was epic and also delicious and we got it for a steal.

But the party would not be complete without one of my special “Revenge Pinatas,” as I call them because they are loaded with all the party favor stuff we collect over the year! We fill them out with some organic candies. Behold my Kakamora Monster!

And here is a video tutorial on how to make one!

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