My Buy Nothing – Or At Least Nothing New – Home

How do we afford to eat at least 80% organic on two freelancer incomes? Being frugal and resourceful in other aspects of our lives plays a big part.

I’ve always sung the praises of secondhand – whether it’s a steal on gently used furniture on Craigslist, the unlimited generosity of the Buy Nothing Group, or literally finding things out on the curb, I make it my mission to buy almost nothing new.

Of course, there are a few items where it is practical and prudent to buy new like appliances and carseats. But when it comes to clothing and home furnishings, very little is bought from a store.

I like to think we’ve done a good job of creating a pleasing – though often messy – aesthetic from our secondhand finds. Of course, I play to my own personal shabby chic style, but it’s just as possible to create a contemporary or modern look of your choosing by giving items second lives.

Much like our eating habits, we follow a loose  80/20 rule with our furnishings and decor. At least 80 percent of our belongings came free or cheap thanks to the myriad of options available these days including Craigslist, Ebay, Wallapop, Yerdle, Poshmark, Freecycle, and Buy Nothing Groups – not to mention old fashioned flea markets, yard sales, and arbitrary “trash picks” (I’m talking things left on the curb – we aren’t quite dumpster divers.)

Here is a brief tour of my “Buy Almost Nothing New” home. I would absolutely love to see some photos of yours!






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