Reinventing My Summer Eco Style – Rompers, Maxis, and Shorts

I have never been a slave to fashion, but I have certainly been a slave to routine.

Once I find an article of clothing that fits me well, I continue to purchase it in various colors until it goes out of stock. At which time, I stalk the style number on Ebay, willing to pay anything to not have to try on a new pair of jeans.

Over the past few years my style has become singular and sad: black American Apparel leggings (in crop, long, or thick, season-depending) and a simple tunic-length top long enough to cover my ass.

But at some point this summer I officially grew tired of myself. My body was not exactly “bikini ready” (at least according to those Subway signs), but I was proud of my hard-earned biceps and thought I should try out some of the trendy styles I thought I could never wear.

The result: thrilling. I love shorts! I look cute in a maxi dress! I can pull off a romper! And I was able to achieve these styles being eco-conscious and budget savvy!

Here’s how:

The Maxi Dress:

I found this Threads for Thought organic cotton Bellflower Maxi Dress on for $19.99. I loved it so much I immediately bought another on Amazon (as low as $12!!) plus one for a friend:


The Romper

I felt surprisingly confident and cute in this Amour Vert Josie Romper. You can score it for less than $100 on Nordstrom by using various coupon codes – plus 3% back on Ebates!


The Shorts:

One day I discovered plain, old fashioned denim shorts. One pair sat tucked at the bottom of my drawer, quite possibly since high school. There was no way I was paying a premium on these things so I utilized the free tool at my fingertips – Yerdle. Considering these cost exactly $0 (you get 35 “Yerdle Dollars” just for signing up) plus $4 for shipping, I wasn’t too concerned that they wouldn’t fit. Fortunately they fit just fine!

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 12.56.15 PM

Have you ventured outside your comfort zone and discovered a new style that fits?

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