Orgotton: Simple, Sexy, Sustainable Fashion Made in Philly

I have always loved the idea of wearing a jumpsuit. Super trendy on the pages of all the fashion magazines and decorating my Pinterest boards. But click on any retailer review and women will say that they are simply not for “real bodies” and anyone less than 5’9 and rail thin looks ridiculous.

So when a new local fashion line offered to let me try out their sustainably-made jumpsuit I had low expectations. But when I put that organic cotton jumpsuit on and took a pic, my social media blew up with requests for how to purchase!

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Orgotton’s 12 piece women’s clothing
line combines the comfort of classic
pieces with luxurious sustainable fabric and local handcraftsmanship – all at a truly affordable pricepoint! Orgotton’s basics collection consists of classic, casual luxe pieces that are perfect for someone who wants to start their sustainable clothing collection. The collection includes leggings, t-shirts, a cardigan, a variety of versatile and casual dresses, and, of course, the jumpsuit.

Another stand-out piece is the Orgotton Infinity Dress made from a blend of organic cotton and spandex created from recycled PET bottles.


The vision for Orgotton began in 2009 when sisters, Kristy & Stef, decided there was a need for clothing that was stylish, simple, and sustainable. They began conceptualizing fashion forward clothing for women with an emphasis on ethical practices, organic fabrics, and local production.

Orgotton uses only the finest organic cotton that is grown in Texas and manufactured in North Carolina. In an effort to lessen their footprint, all of their hangtags are made from plantable seeded paper. Once the hangtag is removed from the garment it can be planted and wildflowers will grow!

Learn more and view the whole collection at

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