Best in Beauty, Health, + More: Healthy Brand Showcase Gift Bag Sponsors

One of the best things about Healthy Brand Showcase is the gift bags.

Since we know not all the brands who want to participate can physically make it to New York that day, we offer a gift bag option to help get some of the best wellness-focused products into the hands of the media.

Here’s a peak at what our guests got to take home this year – and why I personally recommend each and every one of these brands!

Jack N Jill Natural Toothpaste
Like most children, my five-year-old has been inadvertently eating toothpaste for years. And my 20-month-old has become obsessed with brushing her teeth, begging for her toothbrush at least five times per day. That’s why I try to find them the most natural, fluoride-free product available. Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste is made with certified organic natural flavors and certified organic/biodynamic calendula. Fluoride and SLS free, Jack N’ Jill toothpaste is 100% safe for young children – especially because they have a tendency to swallow it, rather than spit it out! My kids are obsessed with these flavors – truly, they will not stop brushing their teeth!

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Soapbox Soaps
I love a brand with a mission, so when I first discovered Soapbox Soaps I made it my holiday gift for all my clients. For every all-natural soap sold, Soapbox Soaps donates one bar of soap, fresh water, or vitamin supplements to a child in need. The brand just got picked up by Target including a new line of haircare!


nyl® skincare 
nyl skincare is a collection of fresh all-natural products, handmade weekly — in a kitchen, not a factory. They focus as much on what is not in their products as what is, and they’ve found ways to leave the bad stuff out, leaving only the natural active ingredients in. The result is clean yet effective products that won’t harm you or the environment. Check out their super affordable starter kit!

Michelle’s Granola
Michele’s Granola is handmade in small batches with fresh ingredients with no additives or preservatives. All ingredients are GMO-free and most are certified organic. The products and kitchen are dairy-free, wheat-free and peanut-free. And the Lemon Pistachio Granola is the best granola I’ve ever tasted!


Caru Skincare Co.
Caru Skincare Co. produces natural, handmade skincare in small batches in NYC. The brand uses pure botanical and mineral ingredients to handcraft organic olive oil soaps, alcohol-free botanical facial toners, and facial oil Sustainable packaging includes soap labels that grow into wild flowers!

Element Snacks
Healthy candy-coated rice cakes? It’s possible! Element Snacks take simple corn and rice cakes, making them thinner and crunchier, and top them with decadent chocolate and creamy fruit – and both of my kids love them! GMO and artificial ingredient free!


Essence of Vali
Aromatherapy brand Essence of Vali offers a Natural Sleep Formula. This blend of lavender, marjoram, cedarwood and ylang/ylang provides a powerful relaxing/anti-anxiety synergy to lull you into a peaceful sleep and comfort you during times of stress. 


HTY Gold
HTY Gold skin care products are an intensive patented formulation of rare super red palm oleins and other natural creamed oils, designed to restore and replenish your skin. HTY Gold helps to eliminate dry, wrinkled, crepe paper skin and will also prevent further signs of aging skin.


Want to learn more about how your brand can participate in the next Healthy Brand Showcase? Visit!

Disclosure: I received samples of most of these products for review. Regardless, my opinions are honest. See my full disclosure here. 


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