Get Better Sleep in The New Year with Confident Parenting


Just when you think you can rest easy again, babies and young children surprise you with night-waking, bedtime fears, and new sleep struggles. I’m personally dealing with sleep regression in my 18-month-old while my 5-year-old likes to rise with the roosters.

Enter Erica Desper of Confident Parenting, a certified baby and child sleep coach offering private counseling for families in the greater Philadelphia area. 

Confident Parenting‘s mission is to educate parents about the science of sleep and walk them through the process of improving their baby or child’s sleep habits. Erica has been a lifeline for frustrated parents who can stay connected to her through text, e-mail, and Skype. She even hosts “Slumber Parties,” group Skype calls with fellow exhausted parents as an affordable option to make support available to more families.

It is never too late to change sleep habits and fortunately now frazzled and frustrated parents don’t have to feel alienated and exasperated! Learn more about her services online.

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