The Best Apps to Make Urban Parenting Easier – Plus Promo Codes!


I’ve said before that there is no way I could accomplish half of what I do without modern technology. I seriously don’t even know how working mothers did it just ten years ago. Who has time to constantly shop for groceries and diapers? And how can you possibly do that when you are living in the city with limited or no access to a car?

I am super thankful for these smartphone apps and wanted to share with you my favorites with some lovely referral codes that will get you some amazing savings – and, in full disclosure, some kickbacks to me! 🙂

Here is the honest scoop and the best codes around!

This grocery service has been an absolute game changer, saving us from hour-long shopping trips at least once per week. Fresh Direct has a very good organic selection and the meats and fish are always fresh. I’ve been super happy with the service and quality. There are still a few random items they don’t have in stock that we have to buy from other places, like Sunbutter and dark chocolate chips. But they cover about 90% of what we need on a weekly basis – and even allow you to buy baskets from our local CSA!
Use this link to get $25 off your order!

This is a brand new God-sent app which allows you to place deliveries from literally anywhere. You know how for some reason no Vietnamese restaurants use Grubhub? Or how you wish there was a way to have someone bring you tissues and orange juice when you are sick in bed with two kids in front of the TV? Now there is!
Use code qmxg for a $10 delivery credit

This service is similar to Postmates but narrows your shop selection to Whole Foods, BJ’s Warehouse, and a few other shops unique to your coverage area (ours covers Reading Terminal Market which is pretty awesome!) The big plus here is getting items from warehouse stores without needing a membership.
Use this link for $10 in free groceries!

UBER offers carseats – as in you don’t even need to shlep your own! There is a fee, of course, but what easier way to get to the airport with children?Avoid parking at Frozen on Ice! I also just discovered the UBERX option and found that it is just as nice as the black car service! Apparently, the only difference is the color of the car and the dress code for the driver. Cheaper than a cab and they almost always offer you snacks.

Use code paigew20 for a free ride up to $20

P.S. If you live in Philly and just need a cab, be sure to download the 215GETACAB app which will make that task substantially easier.

DIAPERS.COM has an app so that you can place that order for diapers, wipes, or a new sippy cup the second you think of it. There is an extensive selection of eco-friendly brands and delivery is free and insanely fast – usually overnight. And since has so many offshoots like Vine, Soap, and Wag, you can add anything to your free order, from toothpaste to dog food.
Use code STOBOOK which applies to the whole line of stores, including and

This flash sale site for moms also offers grown-up clothes, accessories, and even home goods. There is a pretty good selection of eco-friendly brands to keep your eye on, and you can tag your favorite brands to get sale alerts. Just beware the shipping drag – it can take weeks to receive your order so don’t order anything you need right away!

An obvious one, I know. But here are a couple tips: They offer a free month of Amazon Prime membership at least once per year so be sure to take advantage. There are also some really cool kids shows on there. Plus they are rolling out a new grocery delivery service, so I’m sure there will be some specials and promotions offered as this growing market starts competing for new customers!

My kids bring home a TON of artwork from school. This handy app allows you to take a picture of their work, save it to your online “artkive,” and even print a book after you’ve accrued some faves! I just need to get better about letting go of all the hard copies after I’ve saved them virtually! They usually give a print credit with signup and occasionally email other offers.

This is a new app for savings on organic and healthy grocery brands. The downside is you really need a hard copy receipt to use it (i.e. not compatible with Fresh Direct), but if you buy a few key things here and there you can make a few bucks!

Last but not least, do not attempt any online shopping without clicking through Ebates first! I have been using this site for 10 years and have accrued $1800 in cash back. It’s no joke – especially around the holiday shopping season when they amp up the bonuses!

Do you have any other apps you use to make life easier?

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