Experience Farm to Skin Beauty from Board and Batten


We all know about farm-to-table. But have you ever truly experienced farm-to-skin?

When I first discovered Board and Batten, I was blown away by the elegance of such a young, homegrown line. I was lucky enough to sample several of the products at Healthy Brand Showcase and then convince the brand to work with me to spread the word!

Handcrafted on a 600-acre farmstead, Board and Batten’s products are designed to nourish and balance skin using organic plant oils, botanical extracts, and pure essential oils. Based on a plantation-style farm, Board and Batten’s name represents the back-to-basics construction it applies to all its face, body, hair, and even pet products. Since the products are handcrafted in small batches, every ingredient is carefully chosen to directly benefit the skin. Board and Batten’s farmstead is located on more than 600 acres, including a 40-acre tree farm, a greenhouse, 20 acres of citrus and 200 acres of grazing cattle. The namesake board and batten barn houses the company’s Nubian goats, horses, and chickens!


New products include: the gift-worthy Grains & Honey Facial Set; Herbal Facial Masque and Crème; Eye Revive Serum with olive squalane, all-natural foaming soap; and a line of all natural soy-based candles in for completely natural scents (Cypress Moss, Chamomile and Lavender, Citrus Thyme, and Rosemary Sage).

My favorite products include the Seeds of Today serum which I apply every evening before bed, the Herbal Facial Cleanser, and the Bamboo Charcoal Soap, an amazing unisex cold-process soap that detoxes and refreshes. (I really need to do a whole separate post about how bamboo charcoal is the greatest ingredient in the world).

The boutique product line is rich in strikingly effective natural ingredients sourced right on the farm, like bamboo charcoal, free-range honey, and goat milk. All products are handcrafted by scratch, with additional skin superfood ingredients like allantoin (derived from comfrey plant), extra virgin refined carrot oil, chia seed extract, organic extra virgin coconut oil, orange peel wax, pomegranate sterols, and D’Orientine S, a date palm kernel extract with clinically proven anti-wrinkle properties.

After Patricia Walker was diagnosed with thyroid disease in 2004, she began to look at the products she was using on her skin every day. When she discovered that many chemicals in conventional skin care could mimic estrogen and other hormones, she began researching natural alternatives. Living on a large farmstead with an abundance of natural resources allowed Walker to create a skin care line to keep in harmony with her natural environment. In 2012, she founded Board and Batten starting with a single product and has since grown it to a line of more than 20 products for a wide variety of uses.

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Disclosure: I have a paid relationship with the brand featured in this post. Regardless, my opinions are honest. See my full disclosure here. 

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