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Back when I was in the process of writing Spit That Out I was still drinking Crystal Light. Some habits become so ingrained it takes a while to even realize what you are doing! Fortunately I was able to easily make the switch to home-brewed iced tea and cucumber water for times when I wanted something more flavorful than plain water with my meal.

So when I was introduced to STUR at Healthy Brand Showcase I wasn’t immediately sold. STUR is an all-natural liquid water enhancer made from only natural fruit and stevia extracts. Sure, it was a great alternative for folks hooked on artificial drink enhancers or even Kool-Aid or cola, but what was so hard about just drinking water? Then I thought about all the times I have spent the money for $4 iced tea at restaurants which was likely out of a Minute Maid container. I also thought about the painstaking cucumber peeling and chopping every other day.

And then I just tasted the stuff. And it was really, really good. I mean this stuff tasted exactly like coconut water or iced tea – and that’s because it is actually made with those completely natural ingredients.

Stur’s mission is to inspire people to drink more water which is a good motive considering the average American drinks a mere 2.5 glasses of water and otherwise “hydrates” with sugar-sweetened beverages! Stur was made by a husband for his wife, so she could drink more water naturally and stay hydrated while pregnant with twins. Having no interest in consuming all of the artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors on the market, he headed to the kitchen to create a natural water enhancer to add flavor to his wife’s water—and Stur was born.


Stur is unique in that the brand uses stevia as a sweetener but they handle it with care. Stevia leaves are steeped in warm water (no chemicals are used in the processes—it may cost more money to do this but it is less processed and the result is no bitter aftertaste) to extract the sweetness.  The natural flavor and color of the products come from non-GMO real fruit and vegetable extracts. The results are zero calorie flavors like Strawberry-Watermelon, Coconut Water (which is made from fresh coconut water), Iced Tea with Lemon (which is made from steeped black tea), Orange Mango and more. Each serving of Stur is also fortified with Vitamin C.


Each little bottle of Stur makes 20 8-oz glasses of flavored water — pair that with your reusable water bottle and you are making a healthy and eco-friendly drink choice.

So now I’m hooked. And I’m about to hook one of you lucky readers!

Giveaway: Enter to win three STUR variety bottles:

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