Rhythm Babies Music Classes Offer a Different Beat for Philly Families

Whether you live in the city or the ‘burbs, there are plenty of music classes available for children and babies. But there are only so many times you can repeat “If You’re Happy and You Know It” ad nauseum until your brain melts.

Fortunately Rhythm Babies takes a more creative approach to their early childhood music classes at various locations throughout Philadelphia. Each week employs a different theme and you never know if you’ll be listening to international drum beats or singing jazz standards a cappella. Of course, the ribbons, maracas, and sticks imperative to all baby and child music classes are available to keep things interesting – and keep the kids out of your handbag.


Rhythm Babies mission is to improve young children’s auditory senses, cognitive and musical skills through singing, rhythm, and creative movement activities. Owner Julie Salvano, was trained through the Kodaly Method, which focuses on learning music through singing, movement, and listening. While enhancing activity in the problem-solving and decision areas of the brain, Rhythm Babies classes focus on a music readiness program. This program hones skills such as rhythm, melody, and beat. Activities and programming follow a curriculum based on singing and rhythm chant; pitch recognition; call and response; performance ability; rhythm realization; and music appreciation. Every week a new musical theme is introduced to the children along with their favorite creative play activities, giving them a positive outlook on learning through music.

Perhaps most importantly, Julie has a beautiful singing voice. And after listening to the off-pitch mommy-and-me class singing on the Babies First Channel (really, couldn’t they find someone who could carry a tune?), it’s a welcome refrain.

To find a schedule of classes in your neighborhood, visit www.rhythmbabies.com. You can even buy an eight class punch card for $70 which gives you one class free – no expiration!

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Disclosure: I have a paid relationship with the brand featured in this post. Regardless, my opinions are honest. See my full disclosure here. 


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