Multi-Screen Madness is Just a Way of Life with Best Buy

For better or worse, I am a multi-tasker. I could never get it all done without the help multi-tasking tech devices like my beloved smartphone and laptop. And often, I am using more than one screen at a time. Some call it attention deficit disorder. I call it being a busy working mom trying to get it all done so I can try to turn off when I hit the playground.

Using the March Madness basketball tournaments as an example, Best Buy shows you how to get the most out of every screen. You can turn your TV into a smart HDTV, get some work done and track your brackets while you’re watching all the action on TV, or cheer on your favorite teams and instantly analyze every upset with friends and family from your Smartphone.

For me it’s more about keeping up on the never-ending forms of social media while blogging, updating my press lists, making grocery shopping lists, and scheduling meetings. My smart phone is my lifeline for almost everything. And Best Buy has the promise of the latest devices and services, all in one place – plus the awesome in person and online Geek Squads to keep you connected.

And while you’re there, Best Buy accepts nearly all electronics and large appliances for safe e-waste recycling at no charge! Technology is the fastest growing waste stream on the planet and Best Buy offers the most comprehensive appliance and electronics recycling programs in the United States. Best Buy collects more than 400 pounds of product for recycling every minute our stores are open, no matter from what retailer the products were purchased. So you can feel better about keeping up with the latest technology knowing you aren’t adding more e-waste to the landfills.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Best Buy.

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